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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

:: Homemade Formula Milk :: Jom cube ::

Why don’t you try it too?This recipe is suitable for baby 12 months old upwards.

4 oz of fresh milk (cow’s milk)


4 raw almond seeds

(almond is rich with manganese, vitamin E, magnesium, tryptophan, copper, riboflavin, and phosphorus plus many other good nutritional elements.Very good for heart and brain development, study has shown that previously in golden era of Islamic empire, the genius Islamic Scholars at that time used to take almonds regularly in their diet.)


7 raisin seeds

(also known for its benefit to brain development, rich in antioxidants and contains boron.)


1/4 teaspoon of pure honey

No doubt of this miracle food goodness. An Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal Substance. Very good for brain too. Produce natural sweetnes in this mixture, no need to any artificial sweetener nor sugar.


Couples of ice cubes or more.Its optional. I use it to prevent overheating effect on the mixture during processing in the food processor, which may destroy some nutrients in the food.

Put into a food processor or blenderand blend until smooth.

Next, you will have to sieve the frothing milk to get only the liquid mixture.

Sieve the milk

Now, the homemade formula milk is ready to serve.

Serve it on your toddler’s preference.My son doesn’t have any problem to drink the milk straight away. Should your toddler prefer it to be warm, simply reheat it just like we do on EBM

Now the delicious formula milk made by mommy is ready to serve. Your kids will love the creamy taste of the milk, and definitely the taste of mother’s love in every drop of the milk :)

This formula milk is also known as milk smoothies, the difference is only that this formula milk is not as thick as the smoothies.

I always prepare fresh formula milk on demand ;) . I never prepare it in abundant quantity and keep in refridgerator.Thus i cannot suggest/advice whether it is safe to do so should other mommies want to prepare it in bulk to save time, especially for working mommies.But i personally think that should we prepare it under a very clean and hygienic way, insyaALLAH the milk can last up to 24 hours in fridge.

I am sure your kids will love this milk ;)

Am thinking of to try this for Aqil dan Aqif...

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Mrs. Lady's Stylo said...

Salam buat stylo ladies di sini! :)

Khas buat PENCINTA HANDBAGS! Koleksi yg stylo & menarik serta tips yang sgt berguna.

Kunjungi kami di

TQVM! :)

Mama Adam said...

makanan untuk otak tu mommy. bagus la untuk anak-anak. ramai jugak member-member yang buat. saya x pernah la try.


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