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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

:: 30 months-young ce-syena ibu ::


After a long holidays..we have been back today!

This week gonna be a tough week to me.. a few bad news received and i feel sooo down..physically maybe not, but deep inside was so hurt..Ya Allah, Ya Rabbul Izzat..Moga Kau permudahkan segalanya..

 I believed, the only Allah and my family would be my destiny. There is a lot room of happiness. I had them all to go through my journey of life. I didn't like  people who always want to disturb and take granted from me. Hey!! you that i mentioned please go awaaaayyyy from me.. Aku takde sikit pun yang lebih dari kau, aku tak pernah nak kacau hidup kau. why you do like this to me?  Huhhhhh..Ya Allah, Tabahkanlah hati hambamu ini...Nangesss :((

No sad-sad..Dont worry, I have pretty little Qaseh :)) to overcome this hard time!

 Yes, Qaseh la penenang jiwa ibu..she never failed to make me smile,smile and smile :)) with her cheekyness but sometime tantrum-ing and notty girl!

 Update about Qaseh.. She's nearly 30 months young baby...hahaha she is always my baby! Ibu luv Qaseh soooo much...

2 kengkawan khatam & cepat2 komen:

RedRose said...

be positive dear. wutever yang you've been through anggap aje as a learning process for you to master da life in all aspects. good luck! ^__^

BUNDA a.k.a KN said...

assalam, salam ukhuwah dari BUNDA..


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