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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

:: so happy..oh my english! ::


Be so happy that when others look at you then they become happy too.. :)

My 1st hari raya photo :)) .. Hubby forgot to bring up the dslr camera at kampung, this is one of the piece from my cikai phone..but its really turned out good..:))

Eventhough this year we had 1st raya at hubby's kampung, we was enjoy the raya. hubby requested me to cook rendang daging, kuah kacang and nasi impit. it was my pleasure for hubby's family as they didn't had any rendang, any nasi impit or wateva kuah kacang as the special dishes for hari raya this year i cooked for them..

I cooked the dishes after having an iftar with hubby's families...i rebus ketupat dulu..then sejukkan..kelentung kelentang prepared the rendang and kuah kacang at the tok mek's dapur, then its ready by 2 am...ohhh it takes so longgggg cooking...i did everything by myself...hubby just tengok-tengok...i suruh die tengokkan budak-budak..then siap...get sleep, besok nak bangun raye...

Everyday without failed, in the morning i used to took a photo of mine everywhere..

In the ladies toilet after tidying up my tudung belit belit..kah kah kah

When the traffic light turned red! dah lambat ni sebenarnye haku neh..LOL..

At my office desktop while sipping good SNE tea :)

Ehhhh...kenape aku ber ohhhh! my english!! its a good start nak berblog in english..alrite!
Have your own sweet time with your special one

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